Pay SKY Pacific with Digicel Recharge:

For the first time in Fiji you can use your mobile recharge to make payments. Digicel customers can now use their mobile recharge to make calls, use data and pay their Sky or Triple Play bills. No more waiting in lines.

Triple Play Home Bundle:

For only $84.95 per month get:

* SKY Pacific - 25 Channels
* 100GB Anytime Broadband Data
* 10GB Free Mobile Data
* TPP Top Up Bundles
  • $20 for 12GB
  • $10 for 5GB
Note: Topup bundles expires with primary bill due date. Example, if primary bundle is purchased on 1st of the month and top up is done on 16th of the same month, top up will expire together with purchased date.

$32.95 per Month:

For only $32.95 per month, get access to 13 channels, all day every day.