Sky Lite

Sky Lite Package

The SKY Lite package includes BBC News, Love Nature, NHK World, Boomerang, Daystar, Lifetime, TVWAN, Blue Ant Entertainment, Zee TV, Star Gold, Set India, ESPN and Fight Sports Channels, Only at $32.95 per month. Equipment Fee Charges are applicable to any new and existing customers who have signed up from 1st April 2016 onwards at $299.

Who Qualifies for Sky Lite Plan

  • New Customers

    Sky Pacific will Increase the installation charges for all new subscribers from $131.95 to $231.95 VIP effective from 15th April, 2020. The Sky Pacific Dish and Decoder will be $199 plus $32.95 for the first month subscription. Please note this is a Lease Model only (this means that the customer is locked into a 12-month contract and the equipment belongs to Sky Pacific, should the customer not pay their monthly bills we have the right to repossess the equipment).

  • Sky Pacific charges for STB (Decoder) all existing subscriptions will be INCREASED from $99 to $130 VIP. (8GB USB is recommended for new decoders to enable record functionality. USB's is available for sale at Digicel Flagships).

  • Sky Pacific normal monthly subscriptions charges for ALL SUBSCRIBERS is $32.95 per month VIP.

How to sign up to the new Sky Lite Plan

To sign up to the SKY Lite Plan you will need to come into a Digicel Retail Outlet with your Photo ID, Subscription & Equipment Fees (where applicable) and complete a Sky Lite Application Form. Once your Application Form and Fees have been submitted your Sky Lite Plan will be activated by close of the next Business Day for existing customers or within 15 Business days for New Customers. (Note: Business Days are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5PM)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How often should I make a payment?
  • The Sky Lite Plan is a Monthly plan and payments for the FULL monthly subscription should be made once a month (on the date of installation).
2) Is this a contract?
  • Yes, this is a contract as per your signed agreement.
3) How long will it take before my $32.95 per month plan is activated?
  • Your Sky Pacific Lite Plan will be activated by the close of the next business - example if you sign up at 9am on a Monday your account will be activated by 5pm the next day, Tuesday. Note, working days are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.
4) What is the cancellation fee?
  • Should you wish to terminate your account the complete cancellation fee as per your signed agreement is applicable plus your current month's subscription fee.
5) Why do I need to pay $299, when I had paid $99 / $199 when signing up to Sky Pacific between 1st April 2016 and 12th April 2017?
  • $99 / $199 previously paid by you was an installation cost, to take up this offer you will need to purchase the equipment outright which means you need to pay $299.
6) Can customer still be on Lease plan when opting for this package?
  • No. Customer needs to purchase the equipment outright.
7) Can I move to standard plan later?
  • Yes, you may move to a standard 25 channel pack as and when you please, however you will need to come in store to complete an application form to move you back to the Standard monthly subscription of $54.95 per month.
8) Will Sky Pacific refund $299 if I move back to standard plan?
  • No, as this is the equipment fee and you will now own the equipment outright.
9) Where can I make payments?
  • Monthly Subscription Fees can be made at any Digicel Retail Outlets, Post Fiji Outlets, BSP Bank, ANZ Bank & Carpenters Billpay Outlets. Important Notice: Payments will take up to 48 hrs to reflect in the billing system, please ensure that payments are made well in advance.
10) Will my account number change?
  • No, your existing account number remains.
11) If I applied before the 1st of April, 2016, how much do I need to pay?
  • $0 - you will need to complete a transfer form and pay your monthly subscription fees of $32.95
12) If my bill is due today (Friday) and I want to apply for this package, will I be disconnected?
  • Yes, you will be disconnected if you have no funds remaining. Should you wish to stay connected you can make your normal monthly payment of $54.95 to prevent this from happening and when your plan is changed to the $32.95 plan you will have a credit in your account.
13) Can multi-room customers apply for this plan?
  • Yes, however both Parent and Multi Room need to both be on the same plan - example both on $32.95per month.
14) Can I request for certain channels for this plan?
  • No this is a standard plan and channels cannot be swapped around.
15) What is the timeframe and who will install the equipment?
  • Standard installation period of 15 working days (3 Weeks) applies.
16) If I have been disconnected for a few years' can I sign up for this plan, do I get the new STB? Or what happens if I sign-up and find out that the box or dish is faulty?
  • You will be required to use your existing equipment however if faulty than you would need to log a service call and either purchase parts that a faulty or purchase the equipment out right $299. If it is just the Decoder that is not working, then the Upgrade cost of $99 is applicable.
17) Who do I call if I have issues with the service?
  • The Helpdesk is available for your assistance from 8am to 12am, 7 days a week;
  • Email address:
  • Phone Contacts: 7003123
  • Free call: 123 (Free for Digicel users)
18) When will my Sky Pacific services be installed?
  • Services will be installed within 15 working days from the date of signed contract (weather permitting)
19) How can I view the Channel TV Guide?
  • SKY Pacific TV guide is released weekly for all Sky Pacific channels. To access the TV guide directly from your SKY Pacific remote control, press the "EPG" button which will display individual program times. The TV guide is also accessible online via the SKY Pacific website ( and on the Digicel Fiji Facebook page or you may dial *1515# for Digicel Subscribers and follow the prompts.