All In Home Plan

All In Home Plan

What a fantastic deal! All in Home Plan, which is a complete Home & Entertainment deal; 26 world-class channels of entertainment, sport, cartoons and movies; 1,000GB Anytime Unwired Data & 30GB Mobile with unlimited Calls and SMS.

All In Home Plan:
Sky Pacific Unwired GSM 28 Days Subscription

Single Room

Monthly Package

with 26 channels

1000GB Anytime Data

30GB Data with Unlimited Calls and SMS $99.95

  1. Does my billing cycle change if I move over to the new plan?
  2. Yes, your billing cycle will change. For new customers Billing cycle is from the Date Sky Pacific is activated

  3. I am an existing Triple Play customer, can I switch to this $99.95 plan?
  4. Yes, you can and you will be rebate for the day's loss.

  5. Can I top-up my account if I exhaust my data bundle?
  6. Yes, with top up bundle that will expire together with your primary bundle due date.

  7. Where can I make payments?
  8. At any Digicel Outlet, MyCash or online.

  9. Can I make a payment at a third party outlet?
  10. Yes you can, however, account will be only activated once Finance will verify and apply the payment

  11. How do I change my WIFI Details?
  12. We recommend that you change your WIFI password from time to time. This is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account and any loss of data.

    You will be able to change your WIFI password by also logging into the modem just like you check your data.

  13. What happens if my data finishes?
  14. Should you exhaust your Unwired Data you will be required to do either of the following:

    1. Top up your account via a Retail Store
    2. or wait for next roll over of your TV account

  15. How do I check my data balance?
  16. Option 1 - Texting/SMS You can check your data balance by texting your Unwired Modem Number: ____________ to 7202020. The Modem Number can be located on the invoice Texting from a Digicel mobile is free of charge.

    Option 2 - Log onto modem and send SMS

    Blade Modem:
    1. Connect to your BLADE modem
    2. Enter into your web browser
    3. Login to the modem
      • Username: admin
      • Password: admin
    4. Click on SMS Mail icon on the top right
    5. In Phone Number enter "130"
    6. In Content enter "balance"
    7. Click Send to receive the data balance message

    Pocket Mifi Modem:
    1. Connect to your Pocket MIFI modem
    2. Enter into your web browser
    3. Login to the modem
      • Username: admin
      • Password: admin
    4. Click Confirm
    5. Click SMS on the top tab
    6. Click New Message
    7. In the Recipient field enter "130"
    8. Click Send to receive the data balance message.

    Television Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. How can I view the Channel TV Guide?
    2. SKY Pacific TV guide is released weekly for all Sky Pacific channels. To access the TV guide directly from your SKY Pacific remote control, press the "EPG" button, which will display individual program times.

      The TV guide is also accessible online via the SKY Pacific website ( and on the Digicel Fiji Facebook page.

    3. Can I buy a second Decoder under my current account?
    4. Unfortunately, a second decoder option is not applicable with this offer.

      Thank you and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Sky Pacific Team.

  1. Customers who have existing unwired device and want to sign up for the ALL IN HOME plan, can use the same device.

  2. This plan is based on monthly prepay service.

  3. Current Triple Play Terms & Conditions is applied together with this additional Terms and Conditions for this product

  4. This offer is applicable to the Sky Pre-paid customers only and Unwired prepaid/Post paid subscribers provided they have working sky account. For inactive sky subs, additional charges may require for parts and service call.

  5. Post Pay customers can also opt in if they wish to opt in provided they will have to have their bill cleared and account will be converted to prepay mode with no invoice being provided.

  6. There is no rollover of unused data upon auto-renewal.

  7. Subscribers on this plan can purchase $20 for 12GB or $10 for 5GB top-up bundle if they exhaust the awarded bundle before expiry date.

  8. Top-up bundle will expire together with the primary bundle, example my Sky Bundle was activated on 10/03 and I purchase Top-up bundle on 20/03, than Top-up Bundle too will expire on 10/04 with Sky Bundle and not 20/04.

  9. Top-up bundle will not rollover unused data and no auto-renewal of the bundle.

  10. For Plan change, bill due date will change and will be from the day of plan change.