Sun Outage

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Sun Outage is a natural phenomenon that occurs twice a year (March-April & September-October) when a satellite and receiving earth station comes directly in line with the sun.

This will occur once a day during differing hours and channels for approx. 25 minutes or less

You will experience an outage, normally during midday for about 25 minutes or less over a period of 2 weeks.

Please refer to the table below

Date Start Time (local) Duration (min) End Time (local)
8-Sep-23 12:56 0:10 13:06
9-Sep-23 12:54 0:15 13:09
10-Sep-23 12:52 0:18 13:10
11-Sep-23 12:50 0:21 13:11
12-Sep-23 12:49 0:22 13:11
13-Sep-23 12:48 0:23 13:11
14-Sep-23 12:48 0:24 13:12
15-Sep-23 12:47 0:24 13:11
16-Sep-23 12:47 0:24 13:11
17-Sep-23 12:47 0:24 13:11
18-Sep-23 12:47 0:23 13:10
19-Sep-23 12:47 0:21 13:08
20-Sep-23 12:48 0:19 13:07
21-Sep-23 12:49 0:16 13:05
22-Sep-23 12:51 0:12 13:03
23-Sep-23 12:55 0:02 12:57

Note: The time provided may slightly vary otherwise will be same as provided

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Sun Outage?
  2. Sun Outage or Sun transit or Sun fade occurs when the Sun is in direct alignment with the satellite and receiving earth station, this causes signal loss.

    A sun outage occurs because the earth station cannot distinguish between the energy from the sun and its intended communication signal. This is similar to when one is listening to a person talk immediately adjacent to them and a loud noise suddenly drowns out the voice of the person speaking, such that all that can be heard is that loud noise, until the noise either stops or moves far enough away to again hear the speaking person's voice.

    The Outage occurs twice every year.

  3. How am I affected?
  4. Customers will experience a loss of signal of about 25 minutes or less every day from midday till the end of Sun outage (23rd September 2023).

  5. How long does this last?
  6. The outage starts on 8th September and end on 23rd September

  7. Will I be refunded for this?
  8. Since this outage only occurs for a few minutes a day over a period of approximately 2 weeks, we will not be issuing refunds. This natural phenomenon affects users worldwide.

  9. Who do I contact if I am still getting "No Signal" throughout the day?
  10. Customer can contact our Customer Care team on 7003123 or 123 for Digicel users.