Tanoa Plan

Introducing Tanoa Plan, $30 for 25 channels valid for 15 Days, customers now have the conveniences to $30 and enjoy all 25 channels for 15 Days.

1. Is Tanoa Plan is a new offer or replacement of exiting sky plans?
This is a new Sky Pacific Plan offer available for the new and existing black box Sky Pacific residential customers only.

2. Is this plan available for active and inactive customer?
Yes, Tanoa plan is available for all black box residential customers.

3. I do not have a black set top box, how can I redeem this offer?
Customers with sliver boxes are encouraged to upgrade to new black box at any Digicel stores for only $99.

4. How many channels does Tanoa plan consist of?
It consists of 25 Channels valid for 15 days.




Star Plus


Premier League

Zee Cinema

Love Nature

Discovery Channel

TVWAN Sports

BBC News

Crime Investigation




Cartoon Network

Warner TV




Rialto Pacific

Rock Entertainment

Paramount Network


Day star

Food Network

5. Can this new plan signup for multi-room or Triple Play plan?
No, this is a single plan offer.

6. Will I need to pay reconnection fee?
No, reconnection fee is required for the month of October 2021.

7. What if my Sky Pacific equipment’s are damaged?
Please contact us on 123 for Digicel users or 7003123 for non Digicel Customer and log a service request. Our technical teams will be able to identify and recommend a solution.

8. Where can I change plans?
Please contact us on 123 for Digicel users or 7003123 for non Digicel Customer or visit a Digicel store.

9. What is the Price for the New Tanoa Plan?
$30 for 15 Days.

10. I am not sure my sky equipment’s are in working order – how do I reconnect?
Visit any retail store or call Customer care and they will log service call for technician to visit.

11. Will I be charged for service call?
Service visit are free till 10th of October 2021.

12. If I have $30 in my account, how do I activate one of these plans?
Visit any retail store or call our customer care at 7003123 or 123 and request for plan activation

13. Can customers sign up on Tanoa Plan?
Yes, it is for new and existing black box Sky Pacific customers.

14. Is this offer applicable in all Digicel Stores